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Meet Our Team

Meet the Veterinary Staff at Callaghan Road Animal Hospital

Terri, Practice Manager

Terri, Practice ManagerTerri’s career in the veterinary world began in 1998 when she started as a receptionist. Her love for animals and management experience made her the perfect choice for a practice manager position at an area clinic. When Dr. Evans and Dr. Guevara opened their clinic and invited her aboard, it was an easy decision. Terri was excited not only to work with veterinarians she respected, but also to be a part of Callaghan Road Animal Hospital from the ground up.

Terri has been a pet owner since she was a young girl and has fostered that love of animals in her own children. While she has had hamsters, birds, rats, dogs, and cats in the house over the years, currently Zoe, a 10-year-old Schnauzer mix, gets all the attention as the sole pet. Terri enjoys traveling and shares lunch or dinner dates with her adult children whenever they can squeeze it in.

Joseph, Veterinary Technician

Joseph, Veterinary TechnicianJoseph began college with a pharmacology career in mind, but when he got a job as a kennel technician, he realized veterinary medicine was for him. With 10 years of veterinary technician experience under his belt, he is hoping to return to school and earn his degree of veterinary sciences.

Joseph’s house is full with his wife, Anita; three children, Alyssa, Jonathan, and Justin; two dogs, Chulo and Milee; and one cat named Lucky. In his free time, Joseph enjoys spending time with his family at San Antonio’s many attractions and dining at one of the family’s favorite restaurants. Joseph is an important asset to us, and we value the knowledge and professionalism he brings to Callaghan Road Animal Hospital.

Lori, Groomer

Lori, GroomerLori’s love for animals guided her choice to work for an animal hospital nine years ago. Initially, she worked as a kennel technician, but she was intrigued as she watched the groomer taking care of the pets. Later Lori was hired as a receptionist and assistant technician for another clinic, but she was still interested in grooming. When an opportunity to work closely with the groomer became available, Lori was excited to learn the trade. She picked up the skill quickly and soon became a full-time groomer. We feel so fortunate at Callaghan Road Animal Hospital to have someone as professional as Lori as a part of our team. When she’s not at work, Lori spends time with her three dogs (Asha, Bear, and Brisa) and also enjoys bingo, puzzles, and sewing.

Justine, Veterinary Technician

Lori, Groomer

Justine came to C.R.A.H. in May 2014. She got her first professional opportunity to with animals’ right out of high school. She now has over 10 years’ experience in this career field.

 Justine resides in San Antonio with her husband, Josh, her daughter, MacKenzie, 3 dogs and 2 cats. She enjoys spending her free time being outdoors, singing and reading.

Nikki, Receptionist

Nikki has 16 years of experience as a receptionist, manager and technician, 5 of those years at Callaghan Road. Her educational background includes graduating with an LVN degree at Galen College of Nursing in San Antonio.  She is a native of Austin and moved to San Antonio back in 2000.   She enjoys spending her time off with her Daughter Ashleigh, her boyfriend Doug and his daughter Caitlin, and their 12 year old Akita Tyson and 1 year old adopted Pitbull Kayce.  Her other hobbies include fishing, hunting, trips up to Austin to visit her parents and visits to the coast with family and friends.

Sheryna, Receptionist

Lori, Groomer

Sheryna was introduced to veterinary medicine when she became a receptionist at a clinic 5 years ago. At the time, she was studying to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. Fortunately for us and the veterinary field, she enjoyed her job and decided to stay in that field. She is supported 100% by her loving husband, Quawn and her smart and talented daughter Laniya.  Layla is her only pet at this time and considered her 2nd daughter, however that spot will soon be filled by another daughter on the way ( due  born May 15th)! 

When not at work, she enjoys spending free time with family, watching her favorite team…the Spurs & shopping of course!  I hope to open my own pet boutique one day so that I can combine my love of fashion with my passion for animals. Who knows??? Maybe even a rescue group down the line as well!!!

Ana, Veterinary Technician

Lori, Groomer

Ana has lived in San Antonio all her life and  her  passion for animals began at an early age. She first started here at C.R.A.H. as an intern while going to school at Palo Alto to become a licensed veterinarian technician.  She is still currently going to school with a fast approaching graduation date. She has 6 cats and 2 dogs of her own and loves to foster cats until they have their forever home.

Vanessa, Veterinary Technician

Lori, GroomerVanessa joined Callaghan Road Animal Hospital this past year as a veterinary technician and has various experiences in the veterinarian industry. With 7 years as a manager, technician and receptionist in the field, she has worked with small, large and exotic animals.  She still feels passionate about this career and loves to foster whenever possible. She owns a mastiff named Tank and 2 cats named Rajah and Bagheera.  She loves riding horses at her dad’s ranch and spending numerous hours with her two children Sofia and Sebastian. 

Selah, Kennel Technician

Lori, Groomer

Selah began work here at Callaghan 3 years ago. She is a kennel technician and grooming assistant. She was born and raised here in San Antonio and is the youngest child in a family of 9. This helps in her position, being accustom to the large family atmosphere we that we have here . In her free time she enjoys listening to country music and spending time with her family.

Christine, Veterinary Technician 

Originally from Ohio, Christine moved to Texas 5 years ago.  Christine shares her home with her husband of 2 years, Aidan and her 3 dogs, Riggs, Nero and Gemma.  She currently works part time here as a veterinarian technician and full time at Rackspace.  She enjoys working out, running Spartan races and playing video games.

Kiara, Veterinary Technician

Lori, Groomer

Kiara began work at CRAH in 2012 as an intern while attending Palo Alto. She graduated as a liscensed veterinarian technician in 2014 and was hired as a permanent employee. She stays busy between her full time job here and helping at her mother’s restaurant.  

 Born and raised in San Antonio, Kiara has one brother , one sister and three dogs . In her spare time she enjoys working out, running, fishing, country dancing and anything outdoors.  

Letty, Kennel Technician

Leticia (Letty) started working as a kennel technician over 6 years ago, 3 years of that with Callaghan Road Animal Hospital. Letty is very devoted to the care of the pets in the hospital and home. She has 5 dogs of her own and 2 cats. She loves to spend time with her animals, listen to music, cook and spend time with her family. She is from San Antonio originally, so she feels fortunate to have her family close by. 

Marina, Kennel Technician

Marina is a student at Northwest Vista enrolled in pre veterinarian medicine. She began working at Callaghan Road July 2015 with prior work as a veterinarian kennel technician and assistant technician. Her hobbies include any outdoor activities, art and reading. She loves all pets but has a special interest in reptiles. Currently no pets at home, but working here, I am sure will change things!!

John Cruz, Kennel Technician

John joined the team at Callaghan Road Animal Hospital recently and it is obvious that because of his attitude that pets are truly family members, his position of kennel tech was a perfect match. He has been around animals all of his life, and feels they are here to bond with and help keep us down to earth. He truly enjoys the experience here and is taking time to bond with your pets during their stay with us. He considers his two cats roommates, not just subservient beings.
John is currently studying at Palo Alto College and working towards his associates degree and plans to transfer to UTSA to continue his education. In his free time he enjoys meditating, playing the guitar and just enjoying life.