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Senior Pet Care

Special Care for Northwest San Antonio TX Senior Pets at Callaghan Road Animal Hospital

At Callaghan Road Animal Hospital, we are aware of the special physical concerns your senior pet is facing as he or she heads in to the golden years. However, while it’s easy to blame age for changes in your older pet’s behavior or well being, many issues are treatable or even preventable. When you take in to consideration that pets age faster than humans, it’s even more important to make your pet’s annual exams a priority. We offer screenings for early disease identification of problems that are common to older pets. Some of the diseases we check for are:

  • Joint and bone problems, such as arthritis
  • Difficulty with vision or hearing
  • Liver and kidney dysfunctions
  • Problems with teeth and gums
  • Thyroid issues

With early detection of problems such as these, the veterinarians and staff at Callaghan Road Animal Hospital can then recommend medications and diet changes to address the physical challenges your pet is facing. While not all problems can be cured, their progression can be slowed or symptoms relieved when properly diagnosed and treated. Regular exams also allow us to establish a baseline and monitor changes in your senior pet’s health.

The primary goal of the compassionate staff at Callaghan Road Animal Hospital is to allow every year with your pet to be as good as the first.